From the makers of the "What Would JC Do?" shirt, behold, "Eddie Royale with Cheese"

If you're looking to add to your sort-of retro, kind-of hip Broncos sports gear collection, the folks at Derailed Ink -- who designed the "What Would JC Do" shirt in honor of Jay Cutler -- have added a second shirt to their collection: The "Eddie Royale with Cheese." Here's how they're advertising it:

Eddie Royale with Cheese

'Cause you love him, his speed, his hands, his humble nature. His Rookiness would practically be royalty in Europe by now, the way he has added a little cheddar to the Denver Broncos game.

And like Vince said to that BMF, Samuel L know what they call our little quarter pounder over in Europe? Eddie Royale with Cheese, 'cause they have the metric system there is no quarter pounder. And in Denver there is no substitute

Eddie Royale with Cheese

Another Limited Production Run by DeRailed Ink -- Get 'em while they're hot

-- Joe Tone


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