From the week of December 11, 2008

"About Time," Patricia Calhoun, December 4

The Rest Is History

After reading "About Time," I drove by those buildings on the old University of Colorado Health Sciences campus and looked at them with a fresh eye. I completely agree with the Landmark Preservation Commission's recommendation. I hope Denver City Council president Jeanne Robb saw them the same way I did!

Hillary Arthur



I read this column with interest, and feel that this topic deserves attention and that these buildings should be saved. I was left wondering what I, as an interested bystander, can do to aid this effort. 

P.S.: This is the first time I have been inspired to write in response to an article in Westword, which I read regularly — good job!

Ann Cuddy


Patricia Calhoun responds: The Landmark Preservation Commission's recommendation moved on to Denver City Council last week, which could vote on the proposal as early as December 15. For council contact information, go to

"Name Game," Off Limits, November 27

The Devil You Say

I call the "Mustang" statue at the airport "DIAblo." Not only is it pretty evil-looking, but it took the life of its creator.

Laura Rayle


I've always just called it "Thunderstud."

Nick Roberts


What did I learn about a controversial sculpture from the letters in the last issue of Westword? That the killer mustang should probably be moved up I-70 to Lookout Mountain to warn everyone not just how wild the West used to be, but also how dangerous the Rockies are and always will be.

And get it away from the airport, so its demonic eyes will no longer scare the children and make conspiracists uneasy. Airports used to be fun, but this one — with its big-top atmosphere and top-secret cellar — makes utilitarian Stapleton seem warm and friendly in hindsight. DIA even stole our weather station. Gene Amole was right.

And also, the new public sculpture at the east end of Highland Bridge, praised highly in local art columns (including Michael Paglia's December 4 Artbeat), is an affront. A steaming pile of entrails?  Grotesque sausages? Fistulae? I hope the folks paying so much to live down there see it differently, post-modernly. I use the bridge regularly and will try to ignore it.

Jimi Bernath


"Something Extra," Jason Sheehan, November 27

What's Your Beef?

Regarding Jason Sheehan's recent review of The Counter, I just have to say mooooooo. Boooooo, I mean, to anyone charging over six bucks for what people in every city of the U.S. of A. can get for 99 cents at any McChain's. Come on, we've all read about the $100 burger in New York that comes sprinkled with gold and truffles, but Denver is a cowtown, and a piece of meat on a bun here should not cost $10.75 — and that's without toppings. I am guessing the toppings are a buck each, so with bacon and mushrooms or whatever your fancy, you are creeping near $15 at the Counter. And that's without fries, too.

I recently had a $13 burger (the boss was paying) at the Cherry Creek Grill. Sure, it was fantastic — once you got past the mammoth bun. Hamburger Mary's, same deal: It's all about the buns. When Red Robin, the chain with a decent burger, raised its prices and changed its five-page, outlandish menu for the fiftieth time, I stopped eating there. Besides, have you noticed how these places are inconveniently located, like in strip malls, parking nightmares such as Cherry Creek or halfway to New Mexico, aka Lone Tree? I think I'll  stick with my local bar, right around the corner, and a decent burger for $5.95.

Deborah Weiss


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