From the week of September 10, 2009

"Boulevard of Dreams," Westword staff, September 3

Colorful Colorado

I really enjoyed the interesting tidbits in "Boulevard of Dreams" and would like to add a few other "missing icons" from that stretch to the list.

First of all, there was the majestic Cooper Theatre, located at 900 South Colorado Boulevard (Barnes & Noble is there now). What a place! The ambience was that of a palace, with its overwhelming elegance and gracefulness. The blue decor was a class act. The massive screen and surround-sound system were state-of-the-art. It was the first "official" big screen of that era, and the remarkable venue drew huge crowds from all over. The premieres held there were fabulous. I was crushed when the great "Coop" closed. It was so innovative and should still be there.

I also have fond memories of Celebrity SportsCenter, which was located next door. Where else could you swim, bowl, eat and play, all under one roof? Perhaps even in one night, if you so desired. The phenomenally huge pool even had a slide! Wow, what a concept. That was unheard of then.

Hatch's Drugstore, on the corner of Colorado and Eighth, was another fine business to frequent. It was a nice place to grab a quick, delicious sandwich and a cherry Coke at the soda fountain. The apple pie wasn't bad, either. The store was filled with doodads of everything imaginable; comic books and perfume smells permeated the air.

These were all such good, clean, fun places, and I miss them greatly. Who thought they'd ever disappear? I guess that's "progress."

Rosemary McManis


"Mr. Burger," Jason Sheehan, September 3

Smash the Competition

Smashburger sucks! Why anyone thinks this dry, overcooked, overpriced puck of meat between crap buns is any good is beyond me. And don't get me started on the fries!

I grew up on Humpty Dumpty burgers at the Barrel Restaurant that used to be on Speer, so I know good burgers. The new Larkburger blows Smashburger out of the water. Hell, Wendy's blows Smashburger out of the water. And don't even mention Smashburger in the same breath as Bud's burger!

I get tired of all this over-hyping of mediocre and just plain bad food.

Elliot Gainway

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Just so you know, I'm basically the only person who ever wrote in saying I liked Jason Sheehan's work. I'm also a longtime Smashburger fan (from the Icon days) who is, on the one hand, happy to see them expanding, and on the other sad I don't own any stock!

Jason Kirkfield


"Follow That Story," Patricia Calhoun, August 27

Hard to Swallow

I read your article about Tom Martino and his duplicitous shilling of his own network marketing company on his TV and radio shows. And while I see that you may be justified in having a feud with him, personally, I'd like you to remember that it is just that — a personal feud.

Your statement at the end of your article about the taste of a "bottle" of eFusjon goes beyond any bounds of professionalism and journalistic integrity. Keep in mind, there are tens of thousands of people who consume and distribute eFusjon, and to make a feckless remark like that is equivalent to attacking them personally — and attacking their potential livelihoods, as well.

I shouldn't have to be pointing this out to you, but I hope that, going forward, you'll try to put things in that type of perspective.

O. Barclay

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