Is this badger on Team Edward?
Is this badger on Team Edward?

Frontier Airlines badger could be named for Twilight fang-banger Bella

Last month, Republic Airways Holdings decided to marry Frontier Airlines and Midwest Airlines under the Frontier name. Then, in a bid to placate potentially pissed-off Midwest fans, the company decided to honor the carrier's Wisconsin roots by putting a badger on Frontier tails -- and holding a contest to name it.

The just-named finalists, culled from votes by thousands of Wisconsins? Buddy, Cookie and, in a likely nod to Twilight, Bella.

No shock Bella scored so high, given that the third film of the series, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, is set for release on June 30, with trailers and commercials already pounding every medium in existence.

Going with the name could also open up a whole range of fascinating possibilities for future Frontier commercials. Imagine a heart-tugging love triangle involving Charlie the Cougar -- the critter who recently asked, "Who wouldn't like five more inches?" -- and Grizwald the Bear, with fans encouraged to choose their favorite.

Team Charlie! No, Team Griz!

The focus is on Wisconsin residents, so Coloradans with a Kristen Stewart fetish may not be able to influence the outcome. But just in case, the ballot can be found by clicking here. The first prize is $1,000 toward Frontier flights.

Go, Bella, go.


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