Frontier Airlines: Stories From the Denver-Based Carrier's Very Bad Year

Let's face it: Between a holiday debacle that left pissed passengers stranded in various airports, an investigation into possible gender discrimination, and continued ridiculous fees, it's hard to have faith in Frontier Airlines these days. The Denver-based carrier has fallen from a once-trusted airline to nearly dead last in every customer survey.

Here are just a few stories from this year that detail Frontier's woes (and one that might help you survive TSA).

1. Frontier's Complaints Ranking Remains Awful in New Air Travel Consumer Report
2. I Was a Victim of Frontier Airlines’ Ineptitude at DIA
3. Customer Anger Lingers Over Frontier's DIA Disaster Even After Airline Apologizes
4. Angry Customer Reactions to Frontier Airlines Delays, Cancellations at DIA
5. Frontier Airlines Subject of Gender Discrimination Investigation

Keep reading for more stories about Frontier.

6. Eight Ways to Survive the TSA at DIA
7. Video: Frontier Passenger Freaks Out Before Stripping on Flight From Denver
8. Five Ridiculous Fees Charged by Frontier — and Five More Possibilities
9. Airlines With Best and Worst On-Time Records and Frontier's Improved Rank
10. How Frontier's Denver Disaster Is Causing Issues, Angering Customers Across the US

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.