Funniest Faux Vance Joseph Tweets: "I Would Have Fired Myself"

The real Vance Joseph.
The real Vance Joseph. Denver Broncos via YouTube
The sickening play of the Denver Broncos in the 2018-’19 season to date has led to plenty of online calls for the firing of head coach Vance Joseph, including a Fire Vance Joseph website and multiple petitions. But by far the most amusing virtual reaction to date has been Faux Vance Joseph, a parody Twitter account that pretends to speak for VJ.

And it's a helluva lot funnier than the real thing.

First place among running gags for the tweets shared since its October 8 debut is Joseph's proclivity for over-praising practices, at which the Broncos apparently look Super Bowl-ready day after day after day.

But also ripe for satire is how unruffled he seems by losing — which makes the intermittent F-bombs and assorted profanities Faux Vance Joseph drops doubly hilarious — and his tendency to soft-peddle the mediocrity of ballers such as first-round-draft bust/holding-penalty machine Garett Bolles no matter how badly they've performed. And that's not to mention bogus Vance's analysis of his own efforts, which even he finds to be putrid.

On a chance for the Broncos to humiliate themselves on national TV twice in five days (by way of a Thursday night match-up against the Arizona Cardinals), it's better to laugh than cry about the team's woes and Joseph's continuing inability to do anything about them. See what we mean by counting down our twenty favorite Faux Vance Joseph tweets to date.

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