Broncos Fans on Twitter Really Want Vance Joseph Fired After Loss to Jets

Your Denver Broncos' humiliating 34-16 loss to the New York Jets on October 7 has really fired up the Fire Vance Joseph Express on Twitter.

This is not the first time this particular train has left the station. A year ago this month, calls for the then-rookie head coach to be pink-slipped were regularly echoing across the Internet. The chorus quieted after Denver wins against the Seahawks and the Raiders to start the 2018 campaign. But consecutive gut-wrenching defeats to the Ravens and the Chiefs revived the subject in a big way, and the defeat to the Jets ratcheted them up to deafening levels, for very good reasons.

The game started with a gift — a New York fumble in the red zone that Denver quarterback Case Keenum managed to cash in by way of a touchdown pass to promising rookie wide-out Courtland Sutton. But the situation started deteriorating shortly thereafter, thanks to offensive inconsistency and the defense's proclivity for giving up enormous plays. Rookie Jets signal caller Sam Darnold had a Tim Tebow-like completion percentage (10-22), but many of his hookups were huge, including a pair of TD strikes to Robby Anderson during which the receiver posterized cornerback Bradley Roby, who is rapidly becoming the NFL's top patsy.

By game's end, this year's edition of the Broncos was virtually indistinguishable from the one that went 5-11 in 2017 — which helps explain why the headline on Mile High Report's postmortem reads, "Broncos Need to Fire Vance Joseph."

Those last three words are definitely getting a workout. There's currently a Fire Vance Joseph website, as well as not one, not two, not three, but at least four petitions calling for his ouster — and a couple more may launch before I finish typing this sentence.

The phrase is popping up in tweet after tweet as well, as you can see in our choices for the twenty most memorable messages to, for and about Joseph. It's capped by a salvo from the Fire Vance Joseph Twitter account.

Yeah, there's one of those, too. Make that two.
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