Funniest Tweets About Donald Trump Saying He'll Build a Wall in Colorado

When it comes to Twitter, President Donald Trump is the gift that keeps giving. The latest example can be summed up with a single currently trending hashtag: #ColoradoBorderWall.

During a speech in Pittsburgh yesterday, October 23, President Trump said, "We're building a wall on the border of New Mexico. And we're building a wall in Colorado." He boasted that the wall would be "a big one that really works — you can't get over, you can't get under" before adding, "We're building a wall in Texas. And we're not building a wall in Kansas, but they get the benefit of the walls that we just mentioned."

The Pennsylvania crowd cheered these assertions, while social media snarks experienced the equivalent of thumb orgasms.

In a subsequent tweet of his own, Trump insisted that the Colorado wall comment had been intended as a joke for all the folks at his rally from Colorado and Kansas — a claim arguably even more hilarious than the original line. Then again, he's not the first person to turn a Colorado wall into a gag. Last December, Colorado musician Will Hayden launched a satirical GoFundMe campaign to build just such an edifice, in an effort to "MAKE COLORADO GREAT AGAIN!!!" To date, Hayden's effort has raised $100.

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Trump's pitch sparked a greater reaction. Continue reading for our picks of the twenty most memorable tweets about the Colorado wall, starting with the President's "explanation" and including multiple references to South Park episodes, a nod to the Colorado Avalanche's goalie, an allusion to how today's snowstorm might slow down construction and, topping the charts, a mic-drop moment from Jared Polis, who shows why we named him Best Politician to Follow on Twitter the year before he became governor.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.