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Future Cop on Being Ready to Take Action on "A Piece of Crap"

Our readers had a lot to say about the fatal police shooting of Dion Damon, a bank robbery suspect who wasn't armed when an officer fired seven shots into his body near the Denver Art Museum earlier this week.

The cop maintains that Damon ignored orders to leave his car with his hands up and made a "threatening maneuver" that suggested his was armed.

Some readers used the incident to decry the frequency of police shootings, while others maintained that the gun-down wouldn't have taken place had Damon been cooperative.

Among the most interesting posts, however, was from a correspondent who says she's going to become a police officer. Here's her take.

Willow Tem writes:
Being a future cop, you're damn right if I'm serving a warrant on a lengthy criminal who has a warrant for robbing a bank and I can't see in his windows and he won't obey my order, my gun is going to be drawn and I'm going to take action if I feel threatened! The nerve of some people thinking he needs justice! Justice for what, breaking the law and being a piece of crap? Follow the law and you won't end up here!!
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