Fuyiu Yip is suburban superhero Centennial Sage: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Centennial Sage Real name: Fuyiu Yip; Occupation: True Acupuncturist; Suburb of operation: Centennial; Eyes: Insightful; Hair: Precise

Suburban superhero skills: Centennial Sage possesses the ability to pin-point therapeutic energies for maximum holistic healing. Her superhero training began at the California Culinary Academy, where she first learned learned how to save lives through the baking and serving of pastries...

Centiannial Sage's interest in baking specialty cakes for brides with numerous food allergies eventually led to a career as an Executive Pastry Chef. To relieve the aches and pains of such a physically demanding job, she turned to her parents' teachings of the integrated use of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After receiving a Master of Acupuncture degree at the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin, Centennial Sage was ready to relieve Centennial citizens of their sufferings.

While a student of Charles Strodtbeck, she learned the Morant method of acupuncture and gained the point-by-point understanding of how one needle affects the body before inserting another. Her superhero power is derived from three major sources: personal knowledge of the integrated mind/body/soul; power gained from the patient's energetic response; and finally, by tapping the therapeutic energies of the universe that are stored in herbs. Her vast knowledge and experience allows her to treat each patient as a unique individual.

The full range of Centennial Sage's mystical ability has yet to be seen. However, it has been theorized that Centennial Sage, at least potentially, has the magical ability to make Centennial seem like a much more interesting city than it actually is. Her belief that Oriental Medicine is not only a means of healing, but also a life philosophy, invokes aspects of extradimensional power sources not available from Western-modality of HMO-provided medical doctors.

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Kenny Be
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