Gary Faulkner, Osama bin Laden hunter, busted for domestic violence, 3rd degree assault

Gary Faulkner may not have been able to lay his hands on Osama bin Laden -- a quizzical quest that led to an interview on CBS and an appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman -- but he's apparently capable of doing some damage. He was arrested yesterday on charges of domestic violence and third-degree assault in relation to an accident in which the driver was allegedly drunk.

According to Trooper Heather Cobler, spokeswoman for the Colorado State Patrol, the incident took place just shy of 4 p.m. yesterday on North Spring Gulch Road.

"Troopers were notified of a single vehicle crash involving a blue Ford Explorer that went off the right side of the road," Cobler says. "Upon their arrival, they investigated the crash and took the driver" -- Jennifer Logie-Oliver, 51 -- "into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol."

Faulkner was a passenger in the Explorer -- but that doesn't mean he was off the hook.

The troopers on the scene "observed that the injuries sustained by the driver weren't consistent with those involved in the crash," Cobler maintains. "So they investigated further, and as a result, they took Mr. Faulkner into custody for third-degree assault and domestic violence."

Could an assault have caused Logie-Oliver to wipe out?

"We're currently still investigating both of these incidents," Cobler replies. "And we're considering a multitude of factors: alcohol, distracted driving, lane violations, and also the possibility that this domestic-violence situation could have been a factor. Obviously, the driver was arrested for driving under the influence, but other factors could have been involved in the crash, too."

Cobler stresses that Logie-Oliver, who was booked into Clear County Jail yesterday along with Faulkner, "is still a victim of these other crimes he was arrested for." She adds that specifics about her injuries aren't being released because the investigation is ongoing.

Page down to see Faulkner's remarkable interview with CNN regarding his bid to kill bin Laden, as well as a subsequent appearance on CBS's Early Show and the Letterman chat.

CNN interview:

Letterman preview:

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Letterman appearance:

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