Reader: Solving Cannabis Violence Will Require Legalizing Nationwide

Reader: Solving Cannabis Violence Will Require Legalizing Nationwide

After Michael Roberts wrote a story suggesting that 2018 gubernatorial candidate and 18th Judicial District District Attorney George Brauchler was attempting to score political points with anti-cannabis critics with post-prosecution statements that linked marijuana legalization to violent crimes, Brauchler fired back with his own story.

"Since the passage of Amendment 64, jurisdictions across the state have noted significant violent crime related to marijuana cultivation and distribution," Brauchler wrote. "Our jurisdiction of Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln counties — 45 percent more populous than Denver — has had at least eleven homicides motivated by marijuana since passage of Amendment 64."

But readers had plenty to say in response to Brauchler.  Comments Duncan:

If a person robs a shoe store and shoot the cashier to death do you blame the shoes Georgie boy?

Writes Ben:

99% of violence around cannabis is direct fruit of the poisoned tree of cannabis prohibition. This is the exact same type of activity we saw around alcohol prohibition and once alcohol was completely legalized again 99% goes away. Partial legalization does not resolve the issue because there will always be illegal activity exporting from legal states to non-legal States where profits are much greater. If you want to solve cannabis violence problems finish legalization Nationwide. Just as it was with alcohol prohibition so it will be with cannabis.

And Jimmy says:

The unsuportable lies from these people are anathema to truth. As long as it is over regulated and taxed and spoty in different jurisdictions there will always be a black market. The only way to kill it is to remove the need. People always find a way to get what they want. This country supports entrepreneurship and there are always people to take it up.

Let us know what you think about the correlation between marijuana legalization and violent crimes.

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