Reader: If Georgia Wants Its Voting Laws to Match Colorado's, Great!

There have been lots of fireworks over the All-Star Game moving to Coors Field.
There have been lots of fireworks over the All-Star Game moving to Coors Field.
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This past week, Major League Baseball announced that it is moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver, over concerns about Georgia's new voting laws passed after rumors over voter fraud in the last election — unfounded rumors largely aimed at Dominion Voting Systems.

That's the company that just happens to have its national headquarters just a few blocks from Coors Field and has come out swinging against critics, filing billion-dollar lawsuits against everyone from Fox News to Rudy Giuliani to Mike Lindell, Mr. My Pillow.

Denver has hosted the All-Star Game only once, in 1998. Since then, Colorado has overhauled its own voting laws, and this state's election system is now considered the "gold standard" across the country — both for voter turnout and the lack of problems at the polls. That makes the move of the game look like a big win for Denver, but in their comments posted on the Westword Facebook story, some readers are calling foul. Says Will:

Westword has been on the wrong side many, many times over the years, and this is just one more example. They didn't even take the time to look at the bill before declaring a win for voting and, of course, Dominion. I suspect this will be a big flop when the viewership ratings and attendance numbers come out.

Responds Liz:

I am taking odds on how many more old white folks jump on screaming, "Read the bill!!!" like they are all constitutional scholars. Point: When you make it harder for people to vote, it's not because you think they are voting for you.

Offers Jeffrey:

If you think for one second that moving this game is going to solve Americans' patriotic desire for free and fair elections, you are sadly mistaken. This is the stupidest thing I've seen all day.

Suggests Ed:

Compare election laws between Georgia and Colorado. Similar? Does this action make sense then?

Replies Cody: 

How are they even slightly similar? In Colorado, over 90 percent of us vote by mail/drop box, all registered voters receive a ballot in the mail, we're allowed to register and vote in the same day, provisional ballots are allowed in-person without IDs and we don't require PHOTO IDs for other in-person votes, votes are allowed to start to be counted before election night, you can cast your vote on a Sunday, dropboxes are available all over the place, and you're allowed to bring water to people in line. They aren't remotely similar.

If Georgia wants to have their voting laws match ours, great!

Adds Mark: 

Colorado has the best voting system in the country. Even the Republicans agree.

Explains Joe:

Because Wayne Williams, a Republican, was the one who set it up for the most part. But he's an intelligent and reasonable Republican, which are things that have become scarce (nearly extinct) in the Trump era.

Jokes Tim:

I heard Dominion was going to handle the All-Star balloting. MLB also announced Coke and Delta as a sponsor.

What do you think about the All-Star Game coming to Denver on July 13? Post a comment or share your thoughts at editorial@westword.com.

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