Get your Gay Republican Trading Cards at the DNC!

In the world of DNC-related merchandise, some souvenirs rise to the top of the pile. (And they're not all condoms). Here’s a favorite found last night, outside the Pepsi Center: “Gay Republican Hypocrites Playing Cards.”

Created by some pals from Austin, Texas, these stunningly detailed cards are tiny encyclopedias of political scandal. They’re meant to point out the absurdity of GOP bigwigs who run on anti-gay platforms then get caught in less-than-straight sex scandals.

There’s an ace of hearts featuring former Rep. Mark Foley of Florida. It quotes him instant messaging with a teenage boy: “Do I make you a little horny?”

Idaho Senator Larry Craig gets the nickname “Wide Stance,” along with a shout-out for his arrest last year for soliciting an undercover cop in the men’s room of a Minnesota airport.

Nathan Moore, the 22-year-old co-creator of the cards, says he and his friend Sanjay Bapat have sold about 3,000 decks—enough to buy plane tickets to Denver from Austin. They even traded cards for credentials to get them into the Pepsi Center last night.

They just need to sell about 300 more decks to make it back home. To help them out, visit their website, gayrepublicancards.com. And remember, as the cards say: “Play with the cards—not with the guy in the stall next to you!” — Lisa Rab

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