Getting hitched the Denver Cruiser way

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When it comes to weddings, that whole church-and-tuxedo thing is so passé. To get hitched with style, take some pointers from Denverites Erin Siegel and Brad Evans, who tied the knot last Wednesday night at the Greek amphitheater at Civic Center Park, cheered on by their friends –- 500 or so bike-riding, costume-sporting, hooch-swilling crazies.

Evans, you see, is one of the founders of the Denver Cruisers, the infamous hosts of two-wheeled Wednesday night parties. So members one and all were out in force to celebrate the union of two of their own in true Cruiser nuttiness. Hence the Chippendale and Moses costumes. And the boombox built into a bike trailer. And the hundreds of bike riders zipping around the amphitheater in post-ceremony merriment, narrowly avoiding collision after collision. When it was time to go, the immense party wheeled its way down to the Corner Office, where DeVotchKa presided over the reception and strangely clad bike riders spilled out into the street. In honor of the joyous occasion, the bikes definitely ruled the street. -- Joel Warner

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Joe Tone
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