GIFs: Broncos tailgaters do their best touchdown dances

The Denver Broncos brought home their

first win of the regular season against the Pittsburg Steelers

on Sunday thanks to

Peyton Manning

and his priceless arm (actually, it's insured). But, the Broncos just wouldn't be the same without rowdy fans and their own touchdown celebrations.


ventured through the pre-game parking lots to find out how Denver fans and their rivals get down when their team scores.

6. A doubles routine
5. Pump, pump, pose
4. The chicken dance

Click through for more animated GIFs and video of fans singing their loyalty to the Broncos.

3. The wobble
2. The Dougie?
1. The spin cycle

Bonus round: Continue for a rousing rendition of the fans singing their loyalty to the Denver Broncos.

Broncos 'til we die from Village Voice Media on Vimeo.

For photos of our favorite fans, visit our slide show of Sunday's tailgating scene.

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