Gino Velardi Designs for Cydney Payton

Today's contestant in the Cydney Payton Design Challenge is Gino Velardi, who is best known around town for his stunning gowns. Seriously, he has this feathered babydoll number that Cat might just kill for...but that's another story, as he's got something else in mind for the director and curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Next week, Payton will announce her pick of the eight designers who accepted the challenge of creating a museum-opening outfit for her.

On to Gino Velardi's artist's statement:

Considering Ms. Payton's minimalist style and her status in the art world, I decided on a simple design: A very elegant, sexy, age-appropriate two-piece outfit. It's a mid-calf or knee length, full swing skirt made out of a heavy taffeta to hold the shape or a thick satin...a 50s-style inspiration...with a "V" neck, 3/4 sleeve beaded top with a nude lining to present the "wow" factor, which I'm known for.

I kept the color black, which is Ms. Payton's favorite color, while considering the most flattering silhouette for her body type and the event it's being worn to. I always focus on making my clients comfortable, elegant and sexy, but with a "Gino" twist to make my design unique. Paired with the right shoes, accessories and hairstyle...Ms. Payton is sure to stand out during her important night with this classic and modern look!

Note from Cat: The black splotches on the image are actually fabric swatches; they just didn't scan well.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.