Give yourself the bird today -- 'cuz everybody needs to get flipped off once and a while

The middle finger is one of those wondrous little quirks that make life worth living. How is it that a single finger, sticking straight up, can have such an impact on us? Stick up a ring finger or pointer and nobody cares. But when that guy in between them comes out, you'd better get ready for all hell to break loose. The gesture's even said to be thousands of years old, with references in Ancient Roman texts to the digitus impudicus, or "impudent finger." Leave it up to those randy Romans to figure out a universal method for telling everyone in their empire to go fuck themselves.

Now there's even a website devoted to the almighty flip-off: GoFuckYourselfFriday.com. The site, a local endeavor according to the merry pranksters at DenverEgotist.com, features exactly what it sounds like: Every Friday there are new images of folks flipping the bird. Sometimes the bird-flipper's famous, sometimes it's a nobody and on very special occasions it's a member of another species. The effect is a little bit hilarious and a little bit disturbing, not to mention a great way to wrap up the week. So why don't you go fuck yourself right now. You deserve it.

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