Glee features bread bag designed by Boulder studio Mighty Fudge... next to Grilled Cheesus!

A cameo on the red-hot-high-school-musical-dark-comedy-Jane-Lynch-extravaganza Glee is nothing to sneeze at, even if that cameo involves nothing more than a glimpse of an unexceptional bread wrapper. That's why Boulder animation studio Mighty Fudge is all atwitter about the fact that a Walmart bread packaging they designed appeared in last week's episode -- especially since it popped up next to Grilled Cheesus!

Mighty Fudge Studios is probably best known for adult cartoons that are likely too bawdy for the likes of Glee, such as their thoughtful ode to adolescence, "My First Boner." But it also dabbles in retail packaging, such as the bread bag it developed for Walmart. It turned out the basic but colorful aesthetic the firm came up with for the packaging not only worked on the shelves of the mega store, it also made it perfect for prime time.

You can watch the bread packaging's star turn here, starting at the twenty-second mark. Careful: Blink and you might miss it.

Sure, the bread bag was likely chosen because it was plain enough not to overshadow the star of the scene: an image of Jesus Christ burned into a grilled cheese, aka Grilled Cheesus, an icon that launched the episode's meditation (in song!) on religion. But beggars can't be choosers, and who knows: Maybe next time, a toilet paper roll designed by Mighty Fudge will show up during an in-show Elton John medley.

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