Global-warming diorama predicts Rocky Mountain parrots: Kenny Be Yard Arteology

Yard Arteology: The study of neighbors through lawn decoration... The gigantic rock garden pictured above would appear to be the decorative efforts of a yard artist with a love for local flora and fauna. Below, closer inspection reveals that this Globeville diorama is foretelling a Rocky Mountain future of dramatic ecological change... That the focal point of the diorama pictured above is three dead trees inhabited by three colorful parrots suggests that the yard artist is a firm believer in climate change and the coming ecological consequences.

The placement of statuary implies that global climate change will be quick and confusing for native and displaced species alike. At the far left, a fawn and bear cub are posed as if to stare in disbelief at a blue parrot clinging precariously to a dead pine tree.

The placement of the red parrot and the green parrot in similar dead trees insinuates a belief that parrots will invaded the Rocky Mountain region to take advantage of the readily available protein source provided by the abundance of pine beetles.

Below, branched horns complete a wall of sound on a house of rock... The use of simulated stone siding on the home pictured above intimates that the yard artist who created the Globeville global-warming parrot garden has a keen eye for exacting detail.

The use of three types of simulated stone siding would look tacky on any other home, but the attached antlers point the eye away from the home and parrot the message of ecological evolution.

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