Gnomeo and Juliet sequels open all over town: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

Sequel 1: The Big Gnomebowski Plot: A slob of a gnome with the same name as a Wash Park gnome is mistaken and has his front porch rug taken from him. With the help of his lazy friends, he tries to get his rug back. Below, the greatest gnome story ever told... Sequel 2: The Da Vinci Gnome Plot: A prank in Lincoln Park leads a gnomologist on a quest to find a sight gag that could literally rock the Christian world. Below, Gnomeo remakes a college classic... Sequel 3: Gnomimal House Plot: It's the lowbrow gnome frat house versus the uptight Metropolitan University State College of Denver President Stephen M. Jordan, as their increasingly lewd and crude behavior threatens to get the gnome house shut down. You know what that means? A Gnomeo toga party! Below, Gnome Alone... Sequel 4: Night of the Living Gnomes Plot: A "Mommies" group is stranded in a refurbished home in a trendy historic district after a dead Gnomeo begins to rise and crave human flesh.

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