Go deep with genius/Domino's pitchman Rick Rosner

One week in November 1985, the cover of Westword featured a photo of Boulder native Rick Rosner under the the headline: "Is This the Smartest Man in America?" He was wearing rollerskates and a loincloth, as Patty Calhoun recently remembered, and at the time was making his way as a bouncer and stripper in Denver.

Why? As we told you again in 2000 -- around the time Rosner, a full-fledged genius, competed on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire -- Rosner is a bit of an odd duck. But don't take our word for it. Rosner is the latest guest on ESPN columnist Bill Simmons' podcast, the BS Report, on which he explains, among other things, why a man who once placed second in a Smartest Man in America contest resorted to faking his way as a high school student and working as a stripper.

Listen to the hour-long interview here.


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