Godzilla hides behind silk flowers near a Clayton Playskool: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

Yard Arteology, the study of neighbors through lawn ornaments... By looking at the arrangement of toys left in a yard, a yard arteologist can quickly tell if the objects are the playthings of children or the decorative elements of a yard artist. Telltale signs of a yard artist at work are alarming scenarios, like Godzilla lurking among silk flowers near a Playskool... The arrangement of the various toys in the picture above indicate that the ducks are either unaware of Godzilla's presence, or that they have no fear of the movie monster. Such an idyllic presentation would seem to suggest that the yard artist is a fan of the heroic Godzilla depicted in later films. Below, other displays in the same yard hint that the yard artist is a prop comic... The gazebo pictured above sits about fifty feet behind the Godzilla display seen on the first page of this post. While the laser-cut metal sculpture supports the yard artist's level of skill, it's the fly swatter stuck in the table's umbrella stand that indicates a keen sense of humor. Below, an entire fireworks show in a wheelbarrow... The yard art display pictured above sits between the gazebo and Godzilla groups mentioned previously. The patriot-themed wheelbarrow is packed full of silk flowers with dozens of sticks arranged for maximum explosive effect. Below, a panorama of the OK corral and Godzilla groupings... The painted boards arranged in an octagon around the pine tree trunk picture above intimates that this Clayton neighborhood yard artist likes to give planks for the memories.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.