Google Fiber: Please, please come to Longmont!

Plenty of cities romance corporations looking for a new home. But few go to the extremes of Longmont, which so wants Google Fiber to set up housekeeping there that it's created a photo from space expressing its desire, plus a video contest and more.

Check out examples of Longmont's Google love below:

The intro to Longmont's Google Fiber page reads:

Google is planning to launch an experiment to bring better and faster Internet access to everyone. They are looking for a community to partner with to test ultra-high speed broadband networks.

There simply is no better location on the planet than Longmont, Colorado for Google to build its first open access fiber to the home ultra high speed broadband network.

Since 1997, Longmont has been looking for a business partner to supplement our existing eighteen-mile fiber-optic ring. You see, Longmont has had this dream for more than a decade and now is our opportunity to make it happen.

The town certainly made this photo happen:

In addition, the page features a pitch from Longmont mayor Bryan Baum, a letter of support from Colorado Senate president Brandon Shaffer, and clips from a local Google Fiber video contest. Here's the victorious entry by winner Payton Peterson.

A mighty impressive show of effort. If Google Fiber doesn't come to Longmont, we'll start using Yahoo! out of protest.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.