Reader: I'll Wear a Mask. What Harm Could It Do?
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Reader: I'll Wear a Mask. What Harm Could It Do?

While President Donald Trump flip-flopped on whether people should be required to wear masks to slow the spread of coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control recommended wearing cloth face coverings in public places. And on April 3, Governor Jared Polis announced that all Coloradans should be wearing masks.

Not the heavy-duty medical masks that are in short supply and should go to health-care workers and others on the frontline, Polis added, but masks that people can make at home from spare fabric and even T-shirts, using their creativity. "It's human nature to go along with a trend," he noted. "As more people start to wear masks, others will follow. So let's make it cool."

Readers were quick to heed the call. Says Gail:

 Why not? Better than getting sick. An ounce of prevention.

Adds Brett: 

I’ll keep staying home as much as is possible. And I’ll keep social distancing and I’ll keep washing my hands every chance I get. And when I have to run out for groceries, I’ll wear a face-covering. What harm could it possibly do?

Responds Colleen:

 I lived in Japan almost four years. There, you are weird if you DON'T wear a mask. I've been wearing one at the grocery store for three weeks and don't give a f*ck what people think of me! You're welcome.

Counters Quinn:

I just can’t force myself wearing them if I’m already in self-isolation and have been making trips to the grocery stores once a week. There should not be a mandatory point on wearing one if I wasn’t recovering from an illness or immunosuppressed.

And then there's this from Zach: 

Masks don’t work, but now they do? MSM needs to get their shit together.

To which Ellie replies: 

Cloth masks are a good addition to social distancing.

This disease was a relative unknown, so new information is going to come out as more is discovered.
During a crisis like a pandemic, we all need to be adaptable and realize that the experts are doing their best and the MSM is doing their jobs by reporting as new information comes out.

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Michael concludes:

 You people bitching about the mask announcement are probably the same whiny asses that bitched about the stay-at-home order. A second barrier over your mouth and nose is a transmission barrier. If your ego is too fragile to follow or understand that, then keep it to yourself. Fullgrown ass adults bitching more than children. Fuckin A, man.


The masks "are not just cool," the governor added at his April 3 announcement. "They're literally allowing all of us to return to work sooner and save lives as we build the medical capacity we need."

Have you been wearing a mask? If not, will you start now? Post a comment or share your thoughts at editorial@westword.com. (And if you need instructions on how to make a mask, find them here.)

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