Graffiti Index

Graffiti is consistently cited as one of the top concerns of Denver residents and, fittingly, Westword has covered the issue frequently over the years, both in the paper and online. To accompany this week's cover story on the retirement of Denver's top graffiti cop, we've assembled this handy index to our past coverage. From cover stories, to slide shows, to graffiti videos, you'll find it all here.

Articles: Magnet Mafia Sticks to Street Art (February 21, 2008) Tagging Up Denver (June 21, 2007) Art of War (April 27, 2006) Getting Racked (September 12, 2002) Conduct Unbecoming (November 23, 2000) Brush with Greatness (May 14, 1998) Crime Spray (February 12, 1998) Brush with the Law (September 20, 1995) Tag, You're It (August 30, 1995)

Blogs: Guerilla Furniture Makers Stalk Denver's Museums Tag, You're It Flying Signs Get Buff Charting Graf: The Guerilla Gorilla Balls to the Wall Tag Team: More Graffiti News Dear Representatives Kerr and Kerr: We Are All Graffiti Tools! Outward Bound The Party That Never Was Tagging Globeville New Pieces up at the Revo Wall Peter Boyles Street Art? The Writing's on the Wall House Art We Ain't Gonna Stop Q&A with Artist Ray Young Chu Street Art and Nolan Lee's Baptism by Fire Magnet Mafia Goes International The Vagabond Painting Tribe Strikes Again Aaron Rose Discusses Beautiful Losers

Slide Shows: Charting Graf: The CIA Wall Graffiti del Pueblo, Colorado

Finally, here's a YouTube video that accompanied Tagging Up Denver (June 21, 2007).

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.