Greenway University plans to build "premier worldwide medical marijuana training facility" in Denver

In a blog published earlier this month, we told you about Greenway University, a "medical marijuana training and education institute" that was slated to stage a two-day seminar at the Westin Tabor Center downtown.

Those sessions were smashes, drawing more than 200 people, precipitating the scheduling of another couple of days at the Westin, slated for January 30 and 31 -- and according to this page on GU's website, they're already sold out. But don't worry: Greenway CEO and founder Gus Escamilla says plans are moving ahead to build a campus in Denver.

"This will be a first of its kind in the industry and in the world," he boasts, in full pitch mode. "It will be the premier worldwide medical marijuana training facility in the industry."

Escamilla says they "currently have three sites under contract," and predicts the university will be in operation within sixty to ninety days.

Among the attributes described in a press release are what's described as "an FDA-approved kitchen for growing and cultivating strains" as well as programs offering "an MBA degree and an advanced PhD degree for growing marijuana."

Does that mean Greenway is a fully accredited institution whose MBA will be recognized as are those from other mainstream state and private institutions? Not quite, Escamilla concedes -- but close, he hopes.

"It's an MBA specific to the medical marijuana industry, a marijuana business administration course," he says -- and he believes such a sheepskin will become more valued as medical marijuana gains more legitimacy and acceptance. "The industry is creating so many jobs on so many levels," he maintains, "and as more jobs are created, people who have that advanced level of education are going to be able to garner better jobs that are becoming available."

Greenway is also planning to start offering education seminars specifically aimed at physicians who may not be sold on marijuana's medicinal use.

"We want to inform them about every aspect of medical marijuana as an alternative form of medicine -- tell them about different strains and their various medicinal effects, which we can establish and standardize through lab testing," says Escamilla.

Such efforts will only be enhanced by the Greenway University branch in Denver, Escamilla believes. "We want this to be a world-renowned facility that offers full transparency on all levels," he says. "It will truly be state-of-the-art, showing how legitimate this industry has become. We want it to be the kind of place where we can bring legislators and politicians."

The DEA would probably love to visit, too. But that's another story.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.