Haiti Travelogue: The Pink Party

Westword reporter went to Haiti for his recent feature story "The Social Conscience of a Missionary." Be sure to check back in for the next few days as he recounts his personal journey through the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Slide Show

On the last night in Haiti, ICOF tippers Stephanie and Tracie organized a “pink party” for the girls at the orphanage. Each girl had her hair done and wore her best dress and got her own little pink bag stuffed with a pen with a heart and a little notebook and a bracelet.

They ate pink cake. And did a little line of Soul-Train-style dancing, grooving just to the chant of each of their names.

Steph-an-ie, Steph-an-ie.”

The night saw the establishment of the exact kind of relationships that Stephanie and Dan are hoping to build through ICOF.

“A lot of times missionaries come to the compound and they don’t try to offer a lot of relationships to the girls that go there,” Stephanie said.

Not only does ICOF offer them clothes, toys, school supplies and scholarships, ICOF hopes to offer friendship. -- Luke Turf

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