Hale Kale revegetates old University of Colorado hospital site: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Revegetation is the natural process of plant colonization designed to repair damage to a neighborhood due to stalled mixed-use retail development projects. A simple application of Hale Kale seed in untended flower pots and abandoned parking strips is believed to grow leafy greens that have potent anti-cancer properties for real estate and resident alike... As shown in the illustration above, Hale Kale is pretty enough to plant near houses or apartments. Much larger than regular kale, the stems are purplish and the leaves are shaped like single-family homes and colored a velvety light gray green. The purple colors become richer and sweeter toward the center.

Neighborhood hints: Hale Kale requires refined cultivation; visit frequently and keep the soil watered and weed-free. Plants may be left outdoors all winter. Snowfall only improves the flavor.

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