Hammer time for Colorado Democratic Party headquarters

At his latest healthcare town hall this past weekend, Congressman Jared Polis said attendees were patriotic because they were expressing their opinions, whatever they might be. But he probably would have changed his tune had they been wielding implements of destruction -- or, in this case, construction. According to the Denver Police Department, two bicycle-riding men used hammers to smash the windows of Colorado Democratic Party headquarters, 777 N. Santa Fe Avenue, at just past 2 a.m. this morning. Officers pursued the suspects, and while one got away, the other, identified as Maurice Schwenkler, 24, was taken into custody. Next time you've got a gripe against the Dems, Maurice, send an e-mail.

See more photos of the damage on the Colorado Dems' website. In the meantime, get a look at Schwenkler's mug shot and read the DPD release after the jump.

On August 25, 2009, at approximately 0220 hours as a patrol officer drove by the area of 777 N. Santa Fe Avenue, he observed two males smashing windows with hammers at the Colorado Democratic Party Headquarters. The officer made himself known and the two males jumped on their bicycles and fled. The officer pursued both suspects until one changed direction. The officer continued to pursue the suspect within his sight. This suspect was taken into custody without further incident a few blocks from the Colorado Democratic Party Headquarters.

The suspect is identified as Maurice Schwenkler (07/10/85), who at the time of arrest was wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, a shirt covering his face, blue jeans, and latex gloves. The second suspect is still at large. Denver Police are uncertain what motivated the suspects to commit this crime, which is currently under investigation.

UPDATE: Is the alleged window-smasher a LIBERAL activist?

UPDATE II: Was queer anger against Obama policies the motive for the smashing?

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