Hand Puppets Call for "Total Destruction" of DNC

There’s just something about hand puppets of furry animals. No matter how many real knives or bullet belts they’re armed with, they’re still sooo effin’ cute!

At least, that’s what an unauthorized “audio visual cell” of national anarchist outfit Unconventional Action was going for yesterday when they posted this cheeky/scary Youtube video. The 2 ½ minute spot depicts a fake press conference with agitator agitprops “Beaver with Cleaver” and “Cat with Bat” discussing “the disruption, subversion and total destruction of this year’s Republican and Democratic National Convention.”

The duo gives specific instructions on which city “sectors” disorganizers should focus on in St.Paul, the site of the GOP confab. Sadly, no details on Denver. (Please, just don’t harm LoDo!) But they do pump their comrades up with some protest-porn footage of people smashing windows, ripping down structures and tossing stones and Molotov cocktails at police. Hmm, what could they mean by this? A hidden message, perhaps?

It concludes with a list of websites, including www.Dncdisruption08.org and www.Recreate68.org.

Good thing they’re just hand puppets. – Jared Jacang Maher

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