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Harris Donkor and Shawn Hicks murders: No suspects named in Aurora PD investigations

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Two homicides took place in Aurora over Memorial Day weekend -- a shooting in the parking lot of the duRoss Lounge and a man found dead in a car near East Alameda and Ironton Street. The victims -- Harris Donkor (seen here) and Shawn Hicks, respectively -- have now been ID'd. But the same cannot be said of any suspects.

Here are the details about the crimes, as we originally reported them.

First, the duRozz slaying. During the wee hours of May 28, according to the Aurora Police Department, a venue employee phoned the cops to ask for help with a crowd that was becoming unruly -- and before officers arrived, a second call came in reporting that shots had been fired. Upon their arrival, APD reps discovered Donkor, 22, with a gunshot wound that proved fatal; he was pronounced dead at an area hospital. A second person who'd been shot made his way to the same facility in a private car. He'll recover.

At about 11:45 p.m. that evening, Aurora Police officers got another grim call. This time, they rushed to an area near East Alameda Avenue and South Ironton Street. Upon their arrival, they found what was described as a trail of debris leading from the south side of Alameda to the north. That led them to a vehicle that had come to a stop on an Ironton sidewalk near the intersection. Hicks, 36, was inside the vehicle but unresponsive, so police broke a window, unlocked the doors and pulled him outside -- at which point they discovered that he'd been shot. Cops and paramedics managed to keep him alive for a short while, but shortly after arriving at a nearby hospital, he was declared dead.

Unfortunately, APD Officer Frank Fania concedes that progress in these cases has been tough to come by. In regard to the Hicks killing, he says, "We have very little information and no witnesses. It's going to take some work on that one."

As for the Donkor homicide, Fania says, "We believe there were several witnesses who are reluctant to come forward." He hopes a sizable reward of $7,000 for info leading to the arrest and conviction of the shooter ($5,000 from APD, $2,000 from Crime Stoppers) will convince one of the bystanders in question to speak up.

Fania encourages anyone who can help point police in the direction of the shooters to phone the Aurora Police Department at 303-627-3100. In the meantime, here are more photos of Donkor from his Facebook page, which has turned into a de facto tribute to a young man nicknamed "Gutta."

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