Hasan Family Foundation to Scott McInnis: We want our damn $300,000 back

Update below: This morning, the Hasan Family Foundation, the organization that paid Scott McInnis $300,000 for his "Musings on Water" -- the ones that included sections directly lifted from Supreme Court Justice Gregory Hobbs's work -- formally asked for a refund.

The organization, whose local face was Ali Hasan, a wannabe politician and subject of our 2008 feature "Is This Muslim Republican Mr. Right or the Big Cheese?," has gotten plenty of attention for the McInnis project, but apparently not the right kind, judging by the release below:

It is the finding of the Hasan Family Foundation Board that the work Congressman Scott McInnis performed under the Senior Fellowship was only a fraction of the work he was obligated to perform under the terms of his Fellowship. Of the little work that he did, he has admitted it was neither fully completed by him, nor fully original. In view of the public disclosure by Mr. McInnis as well as by Mr. Rolly Fischer, it is clear that Mr. McInnis has not fulfilled the terms of our agreement, and there is no need for any further investigation by the Foundation.

The Foundation demands he repay all monies paid to him under the Fellowship. The Foundation shall be making no further comment on the matter and will immediately return its full attention to the worthy causes it proudly funds and oversees.

The McInnis campaign is working on a response to the Foundation's demand. We'll update this post when it's made public.

Update: The McInnis campaign has released a statement promising that the candidate will repay the $300,000. Read it by clicking here: "Scott McInnis Will Repay $300,000 to Hasan Family Foundation, Wants to Change Subject."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.