Help Christmas light-smashing Hulk win a year of KFC

Update: As an eagle-eyed blog commentor pointed out, the voting for the KFC contest ended yesterday and the winner has already been announced. Turns out we were so awed by the Hulk's majestic green majesty we just plain screwed up. The good news is that our man Komarnitsky won the contest anyway, so here's to a year's supply of chicken wings for the big green guy.

Loyal readers will know we have a fondness for local man Alek Komarnitsky and his ginormous inflatable Hulk doll, not to mention his obsession with saturating his Lafayette property with an ungodly amount of holiday lights and then linking to them on a terribly hyperactive website. Now we're happy to report the insane display is poised to go nationwide.

Komarnitsky's Christmas lights have been chosen as a semi-finalist in the KFC Original Holiday Tradition Contest. We hope you vote for him - maybe to root for a hometown hero or maybe because you think Komarnitsky's epilepsy-inspiring shenanigans are worth the recognition. Or maybe do it because, if he wins, Komarnitsky will donate the $1,000 prize to the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research, since his kids have Celiac Disease. If nothing else, do it because the grand prize winner will also receive a year's worth of free KFC - and the idea of KFC having to provide the Hulk with as much fried chicken as he can eat for a year makes us very happy indeed. - Joel Warner

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