Help get Colorado universal broadband -- and see how fast yours is!

The Governor's Office of Information Technology has joined up with Connected Nation, a nonprofit group trying to create a map of broadband access -- and those areas that still can't get it -- throughout the country. If you've currently got broadband access, you can test your speed and tell the project how you use broadband by answering questions such as "How often do you read blogs?" (if you're reading this, I venture to guess you'll answer "daily"). If you're one of the poor, unlucky bastards still suffering under the yoke of dial-up access, either because of unavailability or expense, you can add your name to the database of households that would get it if they could -- which has to be just about everyone, right? Even your grandma is on Facebook and she sure as hell doesn't want to wait twenty minutes to read your latest status update. She's not getting any younger, you know.

It only takes a couple of minutes to run through the survey, and if the PR is to be believed, filling one out will help ensure broadband access for everyone, a project I'd rank of only slightly less importance than making sure everyone eats. Seriously, how does dial-up even still exist? And what can you still do with it? Plus, you get to watch a cool speedometer measure your connection speed and find out if your connection sucks as much as you think it does, or if maybe it's just all that spyware running in the background that's slowing things down. (Those porn site trojans can infect you with some nasty eSTDs if you aren't careful.) To take part, visit

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