High Times Medical Cannabis Cup returning to Denver

For the second year in a row, venerable pro-pot publication High Times will be hosting the Denver Medical Cannabis Cup at the Exdo Event Center.

This time, the festivities fall on the annual 4/20 stoner holiday weekend.

Among the big changes this year: A list of participating shops will be available to all Colorado medical marijuana patients, so they can check out the entries for themselves in the weeks leading up to the awards. Voting is still reliant on the judges, but at least patients will have an idea if the winners are deserving or not.

Tickets are running at $50 for two days, which gets you into Exdo as well as gains you access to the medical marijuana patient lounge, so long as you are a licensed medical marijuana patient. Single day passes sell for $30. You can pick up your tix at the official website, Medcancup.com

Is it worth it? Yes and no. It's great to bring the cannabis community together for the weekend to celebrate and have some fun, but it's also not much different from the other pot conventions that have hit Colorado over the last three years or so. Pretty much all of the same retailers will be there, but most do offer great convention deals on things like glass pipes.

Want to know more? Click to read our coverage of last year's High Times Medical Cannabis Cup.

Note that dispensaries aren't allowed to give away free samples. But last year, there was more than enough weed going around to keep the hundreds of puffers happy.

Marijuana Deals Near You

No word on who will be performing at the scheduled Saturday night concert, but we'll let you know as soon as we here. In the meantime, here's the poster for the event:

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.