Highline Meadows another skirmish in Battlefield Suburbia

This week's feature, "Battlefield Suburbia," explores the bizarre and tumultuous battles of metro Denver residents, like those who live at Cherry Creek Farm against their homeowner's associations and the companies that manage them.

There are also scraps going on at Highline Meadows -- or as residents call it, "Highline Ghettos." Resident Bob Tarde has posted more than thirty videos chronicling his battle with the HOA and its management company, including the one above.

To see all 36 clips (some are musical mash-ups!) ,check out the Highline Fellows YouTube Channel.

Meanwhile, across town, another HOA in Golden is waging war against its Parks and Recreation District with the help of its management company. The Mesa View Estates HOA says the district and its services are too far away to benefit homeowners, so they're trying to "secede" from the district.

But a new redistricting plan has thwarted the HOA's efforts to influence the district board and gain independence. To read that story, click here.

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J. David McSwane
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