Hot dates! Denver ranked fourth-best dating city in the country by online dating website

If you can't get a date in Denver, you're just not trying hard enough, says, a dating site that seems to be more about making out than making marriages. The site has just ranked Denver the fourth-best dating city in the country.

Why? Because, according to their ambitious math, "this mountain city gets sun 364 days out of the year!" And hot sun = hot dates?

From's rankings:

4. Denver, CO -- Rated one of the top 10 healthiest cities in America, this mountain city gets sun 364 days out of the year! It's a great place for an outdoor date, no matter what time of year. Our members recommend starting out at the famous Tattered Cover bookstore on the 16th street mall and finishing up at nearby La Rumba for a night of salsa dancing!

Note: Neither La Rumba nor the Tattered Cover are outdoors. But that shouldn't stop eager Denver daters from wandering the bookstore hand-in-hand on the city's one cloudy day each year -- a statistic, by the way, that's hotly debated.

Nor should it stop lonely hearts from hanging out there "to distract one from the dull pain of utter loneliness," as suggested earlier this week by Westword writers in a less-than-cheerful list entitled "20 things to do solo in Denver on Valentine's Day." Another suggestion? Creep on chicks on the light rail.

Happy Valentine's Day, Denver!

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