How bad does your doctor suck? Find out online

Ever wondered how your doctor stacks up compared to other doctors? Thanks to the Colorado Business Group on Health, you may be able to stop wondering and find out with a few mouse clicks. The nonprofit health organization has just launched a service based on scientific surveys that tells you exactly how 475 doctors around the metro area stack up against each other in terms of how well they communicate, how easy it is to get appointments and necessary care, helpfulness of their staff and "much more information."

While the website is neither particularly slick nor incredibly user friendly, there is a nice bit of detail available if you poke around. You can see how a given doctor rates in a number of specified areas, how that compares to the average care available and even compare up to four doctors at once. It's pretty useful stuff if you're trying to figure out if your doctor is as bad as you think -- or if you're just a whiny little brat. Of course, it would all be even more useful if you could actually afford to see a doctor...

Check it out at .

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