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How Many Times a Week Do Students at CU, CSU and Beyond Want to Have Sex?

We accept it as a given that most college students are interested in having sex.

But how many times per week would they like to do the deed?

The intrepid researchers at the OKCupid dating site used their own data to determine numbers for dozens of schools, including the University of Colorado and Colorado State University.

From that total, we've picked a representative sample of fifteen schools, including CU and CSU, whose students appear to have similar, although not quite equal, desires.

Who came out on top? Count them down below.

Number 15: Iowa State

Sex times per week: 4.1

Number 14: Ball State

Sex times per week: 4.25

Number 13: Bowling Green

Sex times per week: 4.3

Number 12: University of Alabama

Sex times per week: 4.5

Number 11: Kent State

Sex times per week: 4.6

Number 10: Eastern Michigan

Sex times per week: 4.75

Number 9: University of New Mexico

Sex times per week: 4.9

Number 8: Rutgers

Sex times per week: 5

Number 7: University of Wisconsin

Sex times per week: 5.2

Number 6: University of Colorado

Sex times per week: 5.3

Number 5: Colorado State University

Sex times per week: 5.4

Number 4: City College of New York

Sex times per week: 5.5

Number 3: George Washington

Sex times per week: 5.6

Number 2: University of Vermont

Sex times per week: 5.75

Number 1: Sarah Lawrence

Sex times per week: 6

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.