Hunters who can't tell an elk from a moose are shmucks

Earlier this week, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife department warned elk hunters not to shoot moose. It seems like that would be a fairly obvious statement, but apparently, some elk hunters -- the ones who are loading and firing big guns in the wild -- can't tell the difference between the two, and the department has had to prosecute the poachers.

"If there's any question -- any question at all -- don't shoot," the department's Ron Velarde told 7News. "If you're not absolutely, positively certain of your target, do not pull that trigger." ("You morons," he probably added silently.)

Which brings up this question: How could you possibly not be able to tell the difference between an elk and a moose, especially if you are hunter?

Hello, Bullwinkle!

To help, the department created a nice flyer and a list of characteristics of each animal so that you can tell the difference -- and managed not to include the word "idiot" after each list. See the flyer below.

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