"I like skateboards, robots, fighting pirates" not good pick-up lines for over-18 women -- unfortunately for Gino Rael

Earlier this month, Gino Rael, a 26-year-old registered sex offender, was accused of trying to lure underage girls by writing them letters -- from Boulder County Jail.

This week, Rael offered his defense, reportedly claiming to have been tricked into contacting prepubescents -- because he thought he was writing to adult women.

Nice try, Gino, but Boulder County District Court Judge Carol Glowinsky wasn't convinced, mainly due to the content of his notes. As she told him, "Having looked at the letters, I would say that they are geared to a younger audience. I could cite references to things like, 'I like skateboards, robots, fighting pirates'... that is not something one would address to an over-18 female."

Frankly, it would be a better world if more over-18 females were into skateboards, robots and fighting pirates -- particularly for Rael, whose deferred sentence has been revoked; in April, he'll receive a sentence ranging from probation to life in prison. And that ain't kid stuff.

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