I Want to Believe

It's a good week to be a UFO fan here in Denver. The Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, is putting on their 38th annual UFO Symposium this weekend at the Denver Marriot Tech Center. They're promising a line-up of top-notch speakers in the field, including Stanton Friedman, Timothy Good and Richard Dolan. Probably more exciting to anyone who doesn't recognize those names (i.e. anyone who doesn't eat, sleep and breathe UFOlogy) are the scientifically validated photos of UFOs that will be presented. The Denver Post reported just over a week ago that James Carrion, international director of MUFON, promised an unveiling of those photos at the event, validated by the fine scientists at the good ol' University of Colorado.

As they say in the infomerical business, "That's not all!" It is the 60th anniversary of the infamous Roswell, New Mexico crash, after all, and they'll be summarizing the six decades of obsessive research into the incident. Also on the agenda are "explosive" revelations about MJ-12 (an alleged government conspiracy to hide the existence of extraterrestrials) and new information on several other famous cases. Registration for the entire three -ay conference, which runs from August 10 through 12, is $164.88, with cheaper options for single-day passes or admission to a single speaker or seminar. You can get the details and register here.

If that's too much money to lay out for a shot at the truth about our space brothers, you can always just go read this interesting piece on John Greenewald Jr., a 26-year-old UFO researcher who's amassed the largest public archive of government UFO documents on the internet. His site The Black Vault is currently down, but the Yahoo! story is definitely worth a read (or viewing, as it also appears in video form). Presumably, Black Vault is down due to a massive influx of traffic generated from the story, or maybe it was aliens, or a government conspiracy to hide the truth. In any case, when it comes back up it should provide UFO enthusiasts, conspiracy nuts and aliens looking for a clue on where to hitch a ride home plenty of food for thought. -- Cory Casciato

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