Reader: Is a "Sanctuary" City Really Just a Target?
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Reader: Is a "Sanctuary" City Really Just a Target?

Late last week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement lauded its success with "Operation Safe City," a nationwide immigration roundup in cities that the feds consider "sanctuary" jurisdictions; the action resulted in 498 persons being arrested between September 24 and September 27 — including 63 in Denver. Although there's no legal definition of a sanctuary city and Denver officials have tried to maneuver around that label, with these arrests the feds make it clear what they think. Asks Gregory: 

So marking cities as "sanctuary" really does nothing except put a target on those residents? Does Denver or any other city have power to actually protect any of these people?

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Explains Kevin: 

Sanctuary cities simply means the city law enforcement will not be enforcing immigration law as it's a waste of resources and falls under the purview of the federal government.

Adds Joseph: 

Time to run the feds out of our state wild-west style.

But then there's this from Smoker: 

Good, someone needs to do it since locals just arrest and let go. All previously arrested, all previously illegal, all did nothing towards citizenship.

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