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ICYMI: There's Nothing Funny About Being a Cartoonist in Colorado

In the March 24 edition of Westword, we published the winners of our fourth annual Comics Contest. For more comic relief, you can read "May Gal, the Zombie" and many of the other cartoon entries here.

Denver's gay community has lost a couple of its favorite spots recently, with the Barker Bar closing on Santa Fe Drive late last year and The Crown Social closing over this past weekend. And now another is about to shut is doors: Mark Antonation reports that The Eagle will close on April 2, after a couple of blow-out parties.

And speaking of blowouts: The Flathead Beacon, a weekly in Kalispell, Montana, owned by Maury Povich, of all people — did a big piece on favorite son Brock Osweiler, who didn’t play a single down in the Denver Broncos’ 2016 Super Bowl victory — but definitely left an impression on the Mile High City when he left for a big paycheck.

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