IKEA-themed party to celebrate Centennial mayor's speech: Kenny Be's Special Report

As illustrated above, the most fitting outfit for Centennial Mayor Cathy Cook to deliver her State of Our City speech today would be a tastefully designed IKEA crown. Hopefully, the speech will celebrate the City of Centennial's tenth birthday -- and recent success in attracting new business -- with the appropriate decorations... As seen above, Centennial Mayor Cathy Noon celebrates the state of her city with an IKEA-themed sheet cake. The entire Centennial business community should be thrilled that Colorado's first "Swedish Wal-Mart" store is opening in their affluent suburb in the fall of 2011.

Mayor Cathy Noon will deliver her speech at a Rotary Club luncheon at noon today. Let's hope she doesn't forget to tell the audience that Centennial was able to attract the store with numerous tax breaks, because the politically conservative town provides fewer services to its citizens than other metro Denver municipalities.

Happy Birthday, Centennial! Now, let them eat cake!

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