Illegal immigrants moving here from Arizona, reports NPR: Sorry, Tom Tancredo

Today, National Public Radio


that Arizona's new immigration law -- parts of which are on hold -- is having the effect of causing some illegal immigrants to leave, which no doubt cheers local politicians backing it. But reporter Jeff Brady says at least a dozen 'Zona families have recently moved to Colorado -- unhappy news for immigration critic Tom Tancredo, who's heard in the piece, and prefers they go back to Mexico.

Although the figures about newcomers are provided by Jennifer Piper of the American Friends Service Committee, Brady focuses on just one person. Still, expect Tancredo or others running for major office in Colorado this year to bring up the prospect of an immigrant flood from Arizona by way of justifying a toughening of laws here -- which were once considered among the toughest in the nation, as Piper points out.

Listen to the NPR piece here:

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