Immigration Reform Horse Shit

The spotlight’s on the Senate’s debate over immigration reform but most of the men in Washington don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to the crux of the issue. None of them have to fill low paying jobs like the farmers and hotel owners in Colorado do. None of them lose sleep wondering if the social security numbers for their employees are fake, if their employees are actually illegal and will be rounded up Swift-ly some day.

And while the debate goes on, the horses continue to shit at the Colorado Horse Park in Parker, even if Helen Krieble’s legal Mexicans aren’t there to clean it up.

“I think it’s going to be very hard for them to come to a consensus in a meaningful way,” Krieble said of the ongoing Senate debate, which most recently saved a provision allowing for the number of guest workers allowed to come into the United States to be raised to 200,000, a fraction of the 400,000-600,000 originally spelled out in the bill.

“The market should determine the number of workers, if there’s jobs available let people fill them, what does a man in Washington know about what is required to fill jobs. They haven’t got anything to do with the reality. I’m just very disappointed,” Krieble said, “Guest workers are the core of the whole situation that leads to border security and solves the two biggest issues that Americans are concerned about.”

Maybe the Senators should try shoveling some of Krieble’s horseshit, because she’s getting sick of hearing theirs. --Luke Turf

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Crystal Preston-Watson