In Russia, Blog Writes You!

Noting a recent spike in Westword.com traffic being directed from the Russian culture and oddities blog Dirty.ru, I did some investigating. It turns out Dirty dug up a story we ran in 2000 about one Storme Aerison -- a man, Charles Daugherty, turned model pictured above, turned false high schooler who made the cheer squad, turned con artists. Turning to Altavista's Babelfish for translation, former Soviet interest in the article became perfectly clear when I read this:

Charles doterti — 43- summer afroamerikanets it is simple man of complex biography. In 26 years it went into the school, after giving out itself for the 17- summer blond, and he became the leader of dancers from the group of the support of school sport command. These were only seeds: in yr thus far of it they knew as the niece of Donald tramp, in the subsequent ten years it cashed in false checks by several hundred thousands of dollars, and in the middle of the ninetieth opened vebsayt by the name of the stepsister of known super-model.

In 2001 To doterti was arrested and placed into the man prison, but for sure we about it still will hear.

In the interest of trans-Pacific relations, here about Storme, whose El Paso County correctional mug (he did indeed serve time in the man prison) is below, more you can read.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.