Initiative 135 wins the gamble and makes the ballot as Amendment 68

On Monday, July 28, what had been initiative 135 officially became Amendment 68, after the Colorado Secretary of State Office's announced that it had reviewed the more than 136,000 petition signatures the campaign had submitted, and deemed enough valid to put the measure on the November 4 ballot.

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That makes the proposal to allow casino gambling at Colorado racetracks only the second initiative to make the ballot. ">Amendment 67 was put on the ballot several months ago; pushed by Personhood USA, it would change the language of the Colorado Constitution to include unborn babies as official persons or children.

Former state senator Bob Hagedorn and former state representative Vickie Armstrong, 135's key proponents, released a joint statement after hearing from the Secretary of State's office: "The days from now through November will be spent educating Coloradans about this initiative and its benefits to Colorado students and the economy. We will be reaching out in a variety of ways from door-to-door canvassing to small group meetings in neighborhoods."

Not only would the casinos pay a hefty fee to open, but a certain percentage of the taxes collected at the tracks would be earmarked for education. The Coloradans for Better Schools website outlines reasons to support the initiative and describes the education fund.

The deadline for other initiatives to turn in their petitions is Monday, August 4. Have a tip? Send it to [email protected]

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